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PV Control Autoclave x 250 Tiras – MOM


  • PV Control Autoclave x 250 Strips – MOM
  • Reagent strips with chemical sterilization indicator are used to identify different materials that will be exposed to a sterilization process.
  • The strips are printed with chemical indicators that change color after being exposed to the appropriate conditions in a sterilization cycle.
  • These autoclave control strips are designed as a  sterilization indicator for steam as they establish when the lower limits of the process parameters have been reached during sterilization.
  • The PV Control Autoclave strips for internal sterilization control are introduced into the autoclave when the cycle is carried out; if it has been carried out correctly, they change color.
  • Units 250 strips
  • Brand: MOM
  • Expires: 07/24.
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